DailyEarth is a global directory of online newspapers. The idea behind the site was initiated due to my belief that a directory of online newspapers is more useful than an individually bookmarked newspaper. News consumers utilize the Web to find a variety of opinions and perspectives. A directory fulfills this need and promotes habitual usage.

From the onset, the goal was to create a global directory of local news sources. I chose newspapers because on a regional basis, newspapers offered superior local content and information.

Since the launch on November 20, 1999, DailyEarth has become one of the most popular newspaper directories on the Internet. DailyEarth has been cited in U.S. and World Reports, The Today Show and numerous publications across the United States. Our "Best News Site in State" designation has quickly become a highly desirable award and thousands of people use DailyEarth each day to find news from abroad.

DailyEarth's goal: to become a daily news resource for a global audience.

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G.D. Sanders
Producer DailyEarth and Founder and President of DigitalEquity, Inc.


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