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Brazil Newspapers
CIA Factbook on Brazil
AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service -- Portugeuse to English and via versa

  • A Gazeta -- Acre, Brazil -- (Portuguese) -- Updated periodically.
  • Agência Estadao -- São Paulo, Brazil -- (Portuguese) -- Updated daily.
  • Brasil Online -- São Paulo, Brazil -- (Portuguese) -- A comprehensive resource for Brazilian news information.
  • Correio Braziliense -- Brasilia, DF -- (Portuguese) -- Daily news updates from Brazil's Capital City.
  • Correio da Bahia -- Salvador, Bahia -- (Portuguese)
  • Correio do Povo -- Porto Alegre, Brazil -- (Portuguese)
  • Correio Popular -- Campinas, Brazil -- (Portuguese)
  • Diario do Grande ABC -- São Paulo, Brazil -- (Portuguese) -- Updated daily.
  • Expresso da Notícia -- São Paulo, Brazil -- Expresso da Notícia is a Brazilian legal website that provides news on litigation about Brazil's property law, commercial law, constitutional law, cyberespace law, criminal law, legal practice ethics, environmental law, family law and tax laws. Topics include: cases, legislation, articles and jurisprudence, as well as, legal news items on Brazil (articles about Brazil's legal news) and information about legal practice in the country, sentences from the 20 Brazilian Supreme Court and Tribunal courts, news about journalism (in Portuguese). You can also find 292 links from newspapers, news agencies and specialized web pages on journalistic matters. It also provides information about Public Relations practice, newsletters edition, marketing and volunteer programs in Brazil. Links to brazilians web sites on volunteer schemes are also avaliable. (Portuguese)
  • Folha Online -- São Paulo, Brazil -- (Portuguese) -- Updated daily.
  • Globo -- São Paulo, Brazil -- (Portuguese) -- Updated daily.

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