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  • Adevarul -- Bucharest, Romania -- Updated periodically.  (Romanian)
  • Ararat Online -- Bucharest, Romania -- Updated daily. (Armenian)
  • Bucarest Matin -- Bucharest, Romania -- Updated periodically.  (Romanian)
  • Bucharest Business Week -- Bucharest, Romania -- Business and economic news, updated daily.  (English)
  • Bucharest Daily News -- Bucharest, Romania -- Great source for news coverage of Romania and Bucharest. The Bucharest Daily News offers local news, business and economic news, politics, entertainment, sports and many useful links pertaining to Romania. Updated daily.  (English)
  • Buna Ziua Brasov -- Brasov, Romania -- Updated daily.  (Romanian)
  • Business Romania -- Bucharest, Romania -- The Business Romania started as Business Review, a weekly newspaper in January 1998, to fully serve the needs of the Romanian business community. In November 2001, Business Media Review's (parent company) two English-language publications were merged into one weekly news magazine, Business Review. This 48-page news magazine offers the hottest business news, dedicated sections on Banking, IT and Media, in-depth business features and a newly expanded life and leisure section. Updated weekly.
  • Dimineata -- Bucharest, Romania -- Updated periodically.  (Romanian)
  • Diplomat - Bucharest -- Bucharest, Romania -- 'The Diplomat – Bucharest’ aims to bring a fair and balanced analysis, accurate information and comprehensive coverage of the political, business and diplomatic scene in Romania. Our reporting team speaks to key figures in business, non-Governmental organisations and politics and cites only primary sources unless otherwise specified. ‘The Diplomat’ is an international magazine name which appears in around 15 other countries, each with autonomous operations.
    'The Diplomat - Bucharest' is read by key people in diplomatic missions in Romania, the Government and related international institutions, as well as decision makers and leaders in businesses, charities and NGOs relating to Romania, in addition to an ever-growing international readership.
    The magazine is released ten times a year, every month with the exception of August and January.Updated periodically. (English)
  • Gazeta de Maramures -- Maramures, Romania -- Updated daily. (Romanian)
  • Monitorul -- Iasi, Romania -- Updated daily.  (Romanian)
  • Nine O'Clock -- Bucharest, Romania -- Started in 1991 by a group of enthusiastic Romanian journalists specialised in foreign politics had the initiative to release on the Romanian media market a daily newspaper in English - "Nine O'Clock" - which has remained to this day, after 12 years of activity, the first and only publication of its kind,. "Why did we choose the name of "Nine O'Clock, readers quite often ask. The publication's answer is very simple: because we intended "NINE O'CLOCK" to be the daily read in the office at 9.00 h. in the morning by the diplomats, businessmen, bankers, a daily which was expected to offer to them, while they were drinking their morning cup of coffee, the latest fresh and credible items of news about events taking place in Romania. Updated daily.  (English)
  • Romania Libera -- Bucharest, Romania -- Updated daily.  (Romanian)
  • Transilvania Express -- Brasov, Romania -- Updated daily.  (Romanian)
  • Ziua -- Bucharest, Romania -- Updated daily.  English-version (Romanian and English)

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