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ARCHIVE: War in Iraq Coverage

Below is a list of newspapers' Iraq sections and weblogs providing media coverage of the War in Iraq.  If you find another outstanding weblog pertaining to the War in Iraq, please e-mail us at webmail@digitalequity.com and we will consider adding it to our list.

Google News Search --BETA -- unique automated grouping technology Google has developed to put related stories together in the same search result.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune War Gallery -- photo collection from the Iraq War

War on Terror Coalition Troop Casualties List from Defend America lists the fallen heroes that have died in the War on Terror in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom

MSNBC - Images of War -- a daily gallery of images from the War in Iraq

Iraq War and Archaeology -- This site lists and maintains meaningful information regarding the Iraq War and its impact on archaeological/historical sites/monuments/artifacts.

Today's Front Pages -- view newspaper front pages from Newseum

Seattle Times - Conflict with Iraq Battlelines -- weblog by Seattle Times journalist Tom Brown

Guardian Iraq War Weblog -- weblog maintained by UK newspaper Guardian with links and commentary from across the globe on the Iraq War.

 Sydney Morning Herald - Special War Coverage -- extensive section of war coverage in Australia's largest newspaper.

Defend America -- U.S. Department of Defense News about the War on Terror.  Defend America provides news updates from the DOD and offers e-mail correspondence for sending support to US troops.

US Department of State - Iraq Update -- media releases, press briefings and other information about the liberation of Iraq.

Washington Post - Confronting Iraq Special Report -- live updates on the War on Iraq from the Washington Post's embedded journalists.  Multimedia and e-mail updates available.

New York Times - War in the Gulf -- special reports filed by dozens of journalist from the NY Times stationed throughout the Gulf region.  Multimedia also available.

London Times - Iraq Coverage -- special reports filed hourly from Times journalists in the Persian Gulf region.

Christian Science Monitor's - Assignment Kuwait -- csmonitor.com reporter Ben Arnoldy is on assignment in Kuwait as part of a Pentagon program that embeds journalists with troops involved in the expected invasion of Iraq. Ben is stationed with the 332nd Air Expeditionary Group at an air base in Kuwait.

Poynter Online - Crittenden Notebook -- Boston Herald reporter Jules Crittenden is embedded with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division and filed these reports on life as an embedded journalist.

Poynter Online - Al Tompkins Iraq Resources -- media links throughout the Middle East

CyberJournalist.net Iraq Conflict -- a wealth of web resources relating to the Iraq War from Cyber Journalist, a publication of the American Press Institute.

Command Post warblog -- a group of amateur journalists who have assembled an impressive weblog of news stories covering the Iraq War.

San Jose Mercury News War Watch -- weblog dedicated to Iraq war coverage.

St. Petersburg Times - Times staff photographer John Pendygraft is attached to the HMM 365 Marine Helicopter Squad reports to his weblog on breaking events.

InsideVC War Blog -- weblog of Iraq War coverage from InsideVC and various web resources.




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